Difference Between Kratom Powders and Capsules

Difference Between Kratom Powders and Capsules

There are various ways to consume Kratom, but the two primary forms of consumption are powder and capsules. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method of consumption, but the important thing is as long as the product is pure and the best quality, it can be effective.

Whether in capsule or powdered form, Kratom will be an effective medication if it is pure and unadulterated.

So what is the main difference between a Kratom Powder and Capsule? Plain and straightforward – Kratom powder is in pulverized form, while Kratom Capsules have powdered Kratom enclosed in a capsule. The encapsulation of Kratom powder ensures the right dosage and convenience. Powders, on the other hand, offer greater flexibility in terms of consumption. 

Benefits of Kratom Powders

The foremost benefit of Kratom powder is the price difference. Kratom powder is much more affordable compared to its capsule counterpart. For one, encapsulating kratom powder is labor-intensive compared to just vacuum packing kratom powders. The capsule itself will also be added to the cost.

Another benefit of using Kratom powder is the flexibility of consumption. For instance, consuming powders would mean being able to consume it straight by putting it in the mouth and chasing it with water. It can also be consumed by incorporating Kratom powders into meals, dishes, and baked goods. Likewise, Kratom powders can be easily infused into both hot and cold beverages. Capsulized Kratom can be messy when incorporated into edibles.

Kratom powder can also ensure the exact dosage needed by the consumer. He needs to weigh his desired dosage to attain his intended relief. In capsule form, the consumer is bound by the dosage per capsule, and in case he needs just half the capsule content, then that can be quite a challenge each time he needs a dose. 

The Downside of Using Kratom Powders

While kratom powder can be very affordable, it can be quite a bit of work. A person will need a weighing scale, and some accessories to ensure the right dosage. The consumer would also need vacuum-sealed containers to ensure the freshness of his Kratom powders. Moreover, he has to measure each time he will need a dose.

He should also be careful not to make a mess, or else the powder will be wasted. Careful weighing and packing for out of home use are crucial. 

Another disadvantage of using Kratom powders is its taste. Some people might be too sensitive about its after taste that they would instead consume it infused with other food or beverage. 

Benefits of using Kratom Capsules

There are two types of Kratom capsules: the traditional powdered kratom capsules and the kratom extract capsules. The regular powdered kratom capsules are much like the powdered Kratom capsulized so that it will be more convenient to ingest. The Kratom extract capsules, on the other hand, contains a more potent variant of Kratom as it only extracts active alkaloids. By extracting only the active alkaloids, each dose can be as much as 30x more potent than the traditional powdered kratom dose. This characteristic also explains why extract capsules are much more expensive compared to the powdered kratom capsules.

Kratom capsules could be the most convenient way of consuming Kratom. It is already neatly packed and dosed accordingly. It is very convenient to bring around and consume even outside the home because it is like any other herbal supplement. No more scooping of powder, weighing and transferring in containers when one has to take Kratom on the go. Just pack a couple of capsules, and a person can go. 

Another great advantage is everyday convenience — no need for individual containers, weighing scale, and instruments. A person can consume Kratom anytime he needs to.

Kratom capsules are also excellent when it comes to masking the real taste of Kratom. By capsuling the bitter powder, the consumer’s taste buds get protected from the bitter taste of the powdered herbal extract.

Disadvantages of using Kratom Capsules

There are several downsides to choosing Kratom capsules over powder. Foremost is the cost. Since capsules require more work than packaging powdered Kratom, it can be higher priced. Moreover, dosage wise, a person would have to make do with the fixed dosage Kratom capsules provide.

In terms of consumption method, there is only one option: swallow it like a pill. Kratom powders can be incorporated into meals and beverages, making it more flexible to consume. It can be a drink, a meal, or even a dessert. 

Decision Point: Capsule or Powdered Kratom?

When it comes to deciding on the form to consume, keep in mind how does the consumer intend to use Kratom. Does he have enough time to scoop and weigh every time he needs a dose? Is he willing to pay the price for convenience in the form of capsules? Does he need to consume the capsules outside the home, therefore he needs the portability of a capsulized supplement.

Is the consumer willing to invest on a scale, materials, and other supplies to ensure the correct dosage and freshness of his powder? Does he like to infuse Jratom powder in his drinks or meals? Does he plan to cook or bake with Kratom?

After answering all these questions, will a person be in an excellent position to decide on the best form of Kratom to use? The crucial consideration is to ensure that the powder or capsule Kratom is of excellent quality and is sourced from a reputable dealer who can vouch for the purity and quality of his products.